Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day One Hundred Ninety Eight 2013

Little ladybug on my arm
you wear a heart as part of your charm
You joined me on this sunny day
just for a moment then you flew away.
~Author Unknown
I lifted my cup to take a sip of my drink at Taco Bell today and there was this ladybug, clinging to the cold, wet side. I figured it would eventually either fly away or drop into my food, so I nudged it onto the table where it crawled around in circles. Neil finally caught it on his finger and took it outside where it flew away. Ladybugs are supposed to be good for your garden and bring good luck. I’m lucky it didn’t end up in my chicken quesadilla. [Couldn’t resist adding that cute corny ladybug poem]


Kelly said...

Knox would have obsessed over that bug all day :) I love ladybugs. Just not in my house :/

Ann S. said...

I love ladybugs too! Glad Neil took it out so it could fly away. We get them in our truck sometimes. Not sure how they get in there, but we make sure we let them out when we get to where we're going :0)