Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day One Hundred Ninety Nine 2013

She is simply the best granddaughter anyone could ever have. Sweet. Funny. Smart. Beautiful inside and out. Shelby turned 12 years old today. She is always excited about her special day every year. Today’s plans didn’t turn out so well, though. Her mom took the day off, and she and Shelby were going to spend the day together shopping while little brother Elijah went fishing with his grandpa. But her mom got called back into work unexpectedly and ended up having to work very late into the evening. So all her birthday plans had to be postponed until tomorrow. Very disappointing, but she didn’t complain. She’s just a good kid that way. She and I went shopping this afternoon while the guys fished and she used some of her birthday money to buy some really cute clothes. So maybe her day wasn’t a total bust, and she does have her party with family to look forward to this weekend. Happy Birthday, Shelby! I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’re the best!


Jane said...

I know Holly was disappointed, too. :( I hate that their plans got ruined, but I'm sure shopping with Granny was great! Shelby is a sweetheart! The girls & I are always saying what a great kid she is. Such a cute pic of her there at the bottom! (Holly with brown hair!)

Kelly said...

Oh man!! Hope they get to make up for lost time :( Love those pics!! Can't believe she's not that little girl anymore. Although she hasn't changed a bit!! Still sweet as pie :)

Ann S. said...

Shelby is a sweetheart. Love her to pieces!! That last picture is too cute and as Kelly said she hasn't changed a bit.