Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day One Hundred Ninety Two 2013

This has been my week for doc appointments and needle sticks. Stick a needle fork in me, I am done. Today’s doc visit was a general one which they term a ‘wellness visit’. Not only did I get this fun blood work done [my big fat veins are an easy stick and nurse Pat is awesome at this], but I also got two inoculations. Two! A pneumonia shot [another joy of growing older] and a whooping cough shot [which is probably more to protect the little peeps in my life than it is to protect me]. All this on top of my shot in the knee yesterday, and I should be spouting water out all the needle holes in my body [SpongeBob comes to mind for some reason]. Let’s give God the glory for modern medicine, as invasive and uncomfortable as it can be sometimes. I think my next stop will be for a hearing test. [Huh?] I see hearing aids in my near future. [What?] 


Jane said...

You've had too much fun this week! I recommend 2 weeks at the beach this fall! :)

Ann S. said...

I agree with Jane :0)

Kelly said...

Two weeks at the beach is the best medicine :)