Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day Two Hundred Eight 2013

Beautiful Saturday to be sitting on the front porch, reading a novel and being lazy. Pretty peaceful, until the mosquitoes smelled warm blood. The bug repellent works OK. If only I could spray my head and face with it. I wonder which is worse: contracting a deadly virus from skeeter bites, or inhaling the poison that’s supposed to drive them away. Oh well. Back to my book. Inside.
Wishing my sister Jane and her husband Don a very happy 28th wedding anniversary today! Love you!!


Jane said...

It was a very nice day to be outside, but the bugs are quite annoying! Sharon Vetter came over this morning & we walked 4.5 miles around the neighborhood - then I went to Red Lobster & blew whatever calories I burned! :) Hope you enjoyed Fazoli's! :) Thanks for the anniversary wishes & gift!

Ann S. said...

It was a nice day to be outside for a change. Terry had to work for awhile today. We had a nice bonfire tonight and T grilled some hotdogs. I know what you mean about the skeeter spray. I hate using it, but it did keep them away. Guess it's either West Nile or getting something from the skeeter repellent. Hope you had a good one. Happy Anniversary Jane and Don!

Kelly said...

Knox and I hung out in our screened in porch this morning. If it weren't for that he'd be eaten up by skeeters or suffering from cabin fever. Y'all need to screen in the back porch. Great for keeping pests away!