Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day Two Hundred Nineteen 2013

Lesson for the day: Never park your car beside a road that floods in a heavy downpour. That little red car is mine. I went to climb in after Neil and I had finished our subs and had waited out the heavy rain, never thinking that the car coming toward me on that street was going to drive through that flood and send a giant wave of water into me. If I hadn’t had my umbrella over me, I would have been drenched from head to toe.  I still got soaked from chest to Crocs. And was about to get soaked again, but the next car in line took pity on me and slowed down enough so that the wave wasn’t a tsunami. It's funny because we were sitting in a window booth, watching this road start to flood when I took this random picture, and I was thinking that anybody standing out there on the sidewalk would get drowned by the wave from a passing car. Well, duh! [Where's a surf board when you need one?]


Ann S. said...

Sorry you got soaked! I hate Willow Ave anyway. It's even worse when it's flooding. At least that one driver had the common courtesy to slow down and not drench you again.

Jane said...

Never park anywhere on Willow Ave. when it's flooding! :) That is the worst street in town in heavy rain. I remember that happening to me at Tech, before they started enforcing the 15 mph speed limit. People would hit the puddles on purpose!

Kelly said...

Oh man!!! That's terrible!!! I would've been ticked!! Kinda funny though :) hope it wasn't too cold. Just be glad it's summer. Winter puddle waves are a bit chilly :/