Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Two Hundred Thirteen 2013

Thrilling Thursday
Neil and I have eaten our lunch in Dogwood Park almost every day this week ~ very enjoyable ~ although the picnic table was pretty soggy today after the rain ~ lots of people in the park with the same idea
We started out gray and finally turned into blue ~ not too shabby
We took a quick stroll around the park after lunch ~ Neil spotted this kite eating tree ~ Charlie Brown must have been around somewhere
I Spy with my little eye ~ a butterfly ~ see it? As I was heading across the back yard on my way to pick up Elijah after school, I saw this large butterfly [flutterby] soaring along from plant to plant ~ I only had my cell phone camera and managed to snap a picture before it was gone ~ it was really beautiful but it’s washed out in the bright sunlight ~ I was thrilled to get this shot ~ so I guess that makes this a thrilling Thursday. It’s the little things. Happy first day of August!


Jane said...

Nice day to have lunch in the park. I wonder how long that kite has been up in the tree? :) That butterfly is huge!! Wonder what's in the nectar these days? :)

Kelly said...

This has been a most lovely week weather wise :) It's nice going outside without melting. I wish it was this enjoyable all summer every summer!! Glad you have a nice peaceful park for lunching :)

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, that butterfly is on steroids ;).

Ann S. said...

It was a loverly day for lunch in the park. We need to get up a lunch date for next week, weather permitting. That butterfly is huge! I think that's a swallowtail. I've seen lots of those around my yard this summer.