Monday, August 26, 2013

Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight 2013

Grandson Knox knew he was getting ready to head back home this afternoon, so while his mom scurried about gathering their stuff, he started packing his toy bag with the blocks he recently discovered in Granny’s toy box. [They’re called Bristle Blocks ~ the ‘bristles’ mesh together to make really neat buildings and such and his mommy played with them when she was little ~ he doesn’t know that nor does he care ~ all he knows is that they’re way cool blocks and he was going to take them home] He pulled them all apart and stuffed them into his bag one by one until he was done. Then he went upstairs and found even more cool toys to take home. Have fun with your ‘new’ toys, Knox! Miss you guys!!


Jane said...

Knox knows fun when he sees it! He's not letting those blocks get away! :)

Ann S. said...

That's awesome that he has blocks that his mom played with when she was little!