Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Two Hundred Thirty Three 2013

Back to the bone doc for me this morning for my follow up. Had a cortisone shot six weeks ago in my left knee. It worked like magic. No pain or swelling. No limping around like I’m a hundred years old. My knee felt back to normal until two weeks ago when I put my foot into some slick mud and fell and apparently wrenched that knee on my way down, which wiped out all the magical effects of that shot. The doc says I most likely have a meniscus tear and surgery looms large in my near future. He was sympathetic but it is too soon to have another cortisone shot ~ apparently you have to wait three to four months between shots. I told him about our beach trip coming up in a month. He said to come in the day before we leave on our trip and he’d give me another shot. I love that man! Now all I have to do is limp my way through the next four weeks. I can do that. I’m used to it by now.


Jane said...

So sorry to hear about your knee! :( I'm glad you'll be able to get a shot before your beach trip, though.

Ann S. said...

Sorry sis!! Hope the shot makes your knee feel better for your trip to the beach.

Kelly said...

Hope it gets better asap!!!