Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day Two Hundred Thirty Two 2013

Terrific Tuesday
photo 2
A day without bubbles is a day without joy.
photo 4
Grandson Knox lulled to sleep in his swing, holding a bubble wand that is his favorite color
photo 7
A day without rain … would be a shock at this point
photo 5
Grandson Elijah insisted that watching SpongeBob would not be a distraction while doing his math homework. He was wrong. Thank goodness for erasers.
photo 6
Granddaughter Shelby gave her homework the raspberries ~ might be more fun if it was on her iPad
This evening, somebody [Neil] mentioned doughnuts, and we were all over it at Ralph’s. Knox knows what he wants. That one!
The full moon was gorgeous tonight hanging there in the clouds over West Side. Cell phone camera can do only so much ~
Just dump me in the box and I’ll eat my way out
Mm mm……it’s that good! Doughnuts help make a Tuesday even more terrific. Hope yours was, too!

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Jane said...

Great pics for a rainy Monday! Man, we has a gully washer over here! Glad you got to enjoy some bubble time, and of course, donuts! (Homework - blah!!!)