Monday, August 12, 2013

Day Two Hundred Twenty Four 2013

Granddaughter Shelby is in 7th grade this year. School started a couple of weeks ago. She usually gets her homework done at school. She didn’t get to finish it today, so her backpack was full of heavy textbooks, plus her notebook folder and other stuff. Her load was so heavy that she decided to weigh it on the bathroom scales. The grand total was 16 and a half pounds. That is heavy, even for me, and I’m much bigger than she is. It’s no wonder that these heavy loads are starting to effect her spine. The doc noticed at her latest physical exam last week that she’s become a bit crooked. Of course, she’s been urged to wear her backpack centered on her back and not try to carry it on one shoulder. And maybe one day the school system here can afford to issue each child some kind of tablet such as an iPad so their textbooks can be downloaded onto that one lightweight device instead of onto those kid-sized spines. Keep calm and carry on, Shelby. Just be careful while you carry on.


Jane said...

Those textbooks are ridiculously heavy. Don't know how Julia carries hers. I guess there's more to learn now, because I don't remember having that heavy of a load. Of course, backpacks weren't all the rage in my day. Take care of your back, Shelby!

Ann S. said...

Hard to believe that Shelb is in 7th grade. Yowza, a 16 lb backpack? Not good for the back at all! Makes my back ache just thinking about it. I used to carry my backpack that way when I went back to college. It's hard to get used to carrying it centered on your back.

Kelly said...

Tablets would be so great for all students. Offer wifi at school and download books to the tablets. That makes perfect sense in this day and age!! I don't believe in homework anyway. You're at school for 8 hours everyday. Then ya gotta go home and do 8 more. Stupid.