Friday, September 13, 2013

Day Two Hundred Fifty Six 2013

The weather has taken a sudden turn. Today was fall-like perfection. Neil and I strolled around the block after lunch. We checked out a house for sale nearby. Not for us, but for daughter Kelly and her family. It looked nice and worth the time to see what was inside.
So daughter Kelly and grandson Knox popped in this afternoon to have a look at the house. It had lots of space inside, lots of rooms and an upstairs. Kelly was torn about it, especially since she and her hubs have already made an offer on another house in the neighborhood. In the end, she decided the first house was the one for them. Knox doesn’t really care where they live I guess. He had some fun jumping on the trampoline.
Headed to Cracker Barrel for supper before they had to head back home. I’m still amazed when I run into stuff like this and it’s still basically summer, on the calendar anyway. No, there is not a feeling of Christmas in the air, thank you.
Knox waited for his mac and cheese and carrots, passing the time coloring and playing with the peg game, and sucking on lemons. He loves to suck on lemons. And not even a grimace or wince. Go figure.
Sometimes you can’t get out of Cracker Barrel without buying stuff that catches a grandson’s eye [way to go, Grandpa]. Beanie Ball Pooh and Tigger were pretty hard to resist.
Knox loves those rocking chairs, so we sat for a while and rocked after supper and Knox rocked his Pooh and Tigger. Didn’t linger too long. The wind got cold. Not used to that. Kelly and Knox didn’t linger too long with us, either. Had to get on the road back home. Lots to do to get their house ready to put on the market soon. Busy days ahead. Have a happy TGIF, everyone.


Ann S. said...

What's the latest on the house hunt? I really hope they get to move back this way. Wasn't today gorgeous!?

Jane said...

Yesterday & today-absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope Kelly hears something on the house soon, plus I hope theirs sells quickly. Like she said, if it is meant to be, it will be. Aunt Kat used to suck on lemons like that. :) And there is not even a hint of Christmas in the air!! Argh!! Why to retailers insist on shoving the holidays at us like that?

Kay R. said...

Kelly and Kerry have counter offered again, so it's still up in the air.

Kelly said that Kerry's sister likes to suck on lemons. I guess it must be genetic.

Seeing Christmas stuff right now makes me want to scream.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood ~ we're off to Murfreesboro to do what we can to help out with things that need doing before they can put their house on the market.

Kelly said...

Glad we made the trip!! It was worth it!