Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day Two Hundred Sixty Eight 2013

Destination ~ Destin
We arrived in Destin around five o’clock this afternoon. Our trip was easy and uneventful ~ yay! The weather is beautiful here but the waves are choppy and high ~ someone was surfing out there.
Destin sunset view off daughter Kelly and son in law Kerry’s tenth floor balcony. 
Enjoyed a crab leg dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf seafood restaurant. So good. What a treat! [especially after Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch]
We went for a stroll on the boardwalk to check out the boats and found a friendly pirate making balloon animals and such. He made Knox a pirate sword.
Yo Ho Ho! Knox was a bit intimidated by the pirate but liked the sword. The pirate gave Kerry that balloon parrot that was sitting on his shoulder. It’s wonderful to be here again. Our first floor condo is very nice. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Neil and I are tuckered out.


Ann S. said...

Glad you guys arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to more pictures, and stick your toes in the sand for us.

Jane said...

Love the wharf! Hope you guys saw the fireworks tonight (I keep reading about them on Facebook) :) Cool pirate dude! Fun times, indeed!

Kelly said...

An man, we missed the fire works!