Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day Two Hundred Ninety Six 2013

Grandson Knox fell asleep on his mom’s shoulder while eating a Popsicle and watching Spongebob this afternoon. His mom and dad moved a load of stuff from their old house in Murfreesboro to their new house here. Got lots more to do before they’re fully moved and settled in, so all three are pretty much tuckered out. As long as he’s got his Thomas trains, Knox doesn’t seem to mind all the upheaval.


Jane said...

How sweet! :) So glad we'll be seeing them more often.

Ann S. said...

Great news! Glad they will be moving back this way :0) Can't wait to see the new house once they are all moved in.

Kelly said...

That picture pretty much sums it up! We are sooooooo tired. I love it when he snuggles up and falls asleep :). We're excited to be Cookevillians :)