Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day Three Hundred Six 2013

Neil and I had lunch with daughter Kelly and grandson Knox at their new/old house this afternoon. Kelly was there all day, getting her kitchen organized while the Direct TV guys connected their TVs. The place is starting to look like home.
Our town postponed trick or treating until tonight because of stormy weather on Halloween. Grandpeeps Knox, Shelby, and Elijah finally got to trick or treat door to door. Knox’s friend, Adeline, joined them to make the rounds.
Knox really got into the Halloween spirit after he saw all the trick or treaters coming to our door for candy. Knox was Thomas the Train and Shelby was the Queen of Hearts.
Elijah was Robin Hood. I stayed at the house and fed the multitude of spooks who came by. It’s been years since I’ve seen so many. I ran out of the Halloween candy I bought for this occasion and had to dig into the stash of candy I keep here for the grandpeeps. I enjoy the Halloween tradition, and it was fun for me to see all the kids in their costumes. Good times with family and friends.


Jane said...

I feel bad that you ran out of candy! Julia & I raided your stash before we left Thursday night. :( I LOVE Kelly's house! Can't wait to see it all fixed up!

Ann S. said...

Can't wait to see Kelly's new digs! We had over 20 kids last night. The most we have had in a long time!

Kay R. said...

Hey, Jane, don't worry about raiding the candy stash. That's what it's for. We just gave away too much at the start :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for bringing chili over to the "new" place. Who knew it would take 6 hours to hook up DTv. Trick or treating was fun this year! Never seen such a turn out. :)