Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day Three Hundred Sixteen 2013

Daughter Kelly celebrated her [hot pink!] 37th birthday today [and it snowed today just as it did 37 years ago which added a nice touch to the celebration]. We enjoyed a fun party at Kelly and Kerry and Knox’s new/old house with yummy cake, ice cream, and punch [and presents of course]. I wonder how long it’s been since that hundred year old house has heard that many loud voices and so much laughter. Wishing our snow baby a happy birthday and a wonderful life filled with lots of love and many many more good time celebrations. Your dad and I love you!!


Kelly said...

Thanks SOOO much for a yummy dinner, delicious punch, lovely card, and spending money!!! This time I will spend it on MEEE!!!
I forget this house is so old. If the walls could talk. I'd probably freak out ;)

Kelly said...

....I look like I'm praying in that 2nd pic :)

Ann S. said...

Happy Birthday, Kel! Hope your day was most excellent!

Jane said...

Enjoyed the shindig at your new/old house, Kelly! Love you!