Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day Three Hundred Thirteen 2013

One of our upstairs bedrooms [guess it’s a good thing daughter Kelly doesn’t live here anymore] has temporarily become my hubs Neil’s RC airplane hangar. He is emptying out his shed [man cave] that houses all manner of guy stuff ~ tools and woodworking thingies and airplane paraphernalia, plus a whole lot of junk we’ve held on to that should’ve been tossed out decades ago, not to mention critters that believe it’s a nifty place to call home. He built the shed back in the eighties [I think] using wood from an old barn somebody let him take apart and haul off. The shed looks like a barn and was pretty neat back then. But time and termites and critters have taken their toll, and it has become a hazard to be inside it. The floor has caved in where Neil stands in various spots when he’s working on his planes, and the ceiling beams are starting to bow. So it’s going to come down soon and will be replaced with a brand new and much larger building that he’s going to order from a local dealer. In the meantime, the planes [and this isn’t even all of them] are snug as a [temporary] bug in a rug.


Jane said...

Glad Neil's getting a new, bigger man-cave! :)

Ann S. said...

Neil needs a new, bigger man-cave-hangar. Glad he's getting one :0)

Kelly said...

I'm sure he'll enjoy having a floor to stand on :).