Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day Three Hundred Thirty Four 2013

Off to the Christmas tree farm today ~ our annual after-Thanksgiving quest to find The Tree. Beautiful day for it, too.
The family who owns this tree farm is looking to retire, so they haven’t planted new trees in several years. The selection is dwindling, especially for the tree we like the best which is the white pine.
Neil tagged the tree to chop down later ~ in about two weeks. There wasn’t much to choose from this time and we weren’t thrilled with our choice, but I always tell Neil they’re all beautiful when you get them decorated. Love the smell of a fresh white pine in the house, even if it makes for stopped up noses. It’s all part of the Christmas experience.


Jane said...

Sad to hear the folks are retiring...and I think your tree is nice! We got some yard work done today. It was a beautiful day!

Ann S. said...

Me and T got our Christmas trees there for a couple of years before we decided to go with hour corner tree. Sad to see them retire :( We enjoyed going there to cut down that perfect tree!

Kelly said...

All good things must come to an end :(
Pretty tree!! It'll be a beaut once it's jazzed up with lights and decor :)