Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day Three Hundred Thirty One 2013

I’ll Fly Away
I heard the honking overhead from our backyard this afternoon and stood there in the cold, watching them because they’re fun to watch. This flock of Canadian geese flew back and forth and around in circles, I suppose waiting for a leader to emerge. They finally formed a clumsy V and flew away, heading south. Seems a little late in the year to be migrating to warmer climes, however, it does sound like a smart idea on a day like today. Better late than never.


Ann S. said...

Cool shots! I love watching geese fly in the V formation. We sometimes see them flying over our house. I wonder where they are heading?

Jane said...

Reckon some of these are the Morningside geese? :)

Kelly said...

Headed to the their summer house :)