Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day Three Hundred Twenty Four 2013

WEDNESDAY this and that
Neil and I went for a walk around the block after our Slim Fast lunch today ~ this hill gets your heart pumpin’
Grandson Elijah after school telling me about his day
Ray of light kind of day ~ sky was so blue
Also a doughnut kind of day ~ Ralph’s rules!
Also a pizza kind of day ~ supper with peeps at Mamma Rosa’s ~ Granddaughter Shelby ready for a bite of pepperoni
My ooey gooey cheesy mushroom pizza dripping off the plate ~ yummalicious. Wednesday was pretty tasty. Was yours?


Jane said...

I like seeing your pictures of the outdoors! I rarely get to see it at school since I'm not in a room with windows any more, and what little daylight comes in is being blocked due to "safety protocol". :( The pizza looks yummy! Sarah was wanting pizza tonight - we had cooked cabbage & sausage.

Ann S. said...

I want that pizza!!! Love Mama Rosa's. We haven't eaten there in a long time. Lovely outdoor shots!