Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day Three Hundred Twenty One 2013

I bought this beautiful  rolling pin today at Santa’s Workshop. It was handcrafted by a guy named Phillip Cooper, who started out making pens and has since branched into other useful items such as ice cream scoops, cutting boards, and of course these great rolling pins. This one is made out of walnut, maple, and cherry. He can make things like this to order, if you’re interested. Here is his website:  I  might have to make some Christmas cookies from scratch this year just so I can roll some dough with this pretty thing.


Ann S. said...

Ooooh, how pretty!

Kelly said...

That is one spectacular rolling pin!! I agree that you should make cscratch cookies ;). I'll help decorate!

Jane said...

Phillip does good work. If I hadn't just bought an ice cream scoop recently, I would have bought one of his!
(Internet was back on this morning. Why they couldn't have fixed it over the weekend, I don't know. They didn't even have to come over here!)

Kay R. said...

Jane, so glad you got your internet back! I was wondering, too, why in the world they couldn't fix it over the weekend.