Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day Three Hundred Fifty Three 2013

Every day after school, grandson Elijah looks for the elf on the shelf at my house. I told him the elf was hiding today. Elijah looked in all the nooks and crannies and cabinets.
He finally found the elf sitting under the Christmas tree. You have to look closely to find him.
He was holding one of the icicles from the tree [probably the closest thing to a weapon this thing will ever be allowed to have].
Elijah was dressed like an elf, too. His class Christmas party was today [that’s what I call it; I’m not sure what the school calls it these days]. They got to wear their comfy jammies, eat treats, play games, watch a movie [Polar Express] and decorate these neat elf hats. And they also got bells to wear around their necks [after school, I’m sure]. Tomorrow is a two hour day, then the kiddos and teachers are free until next year. Good times as the big day draws nearer. Six days!


Jane said...

Cute hat! The elf saga continues. :) Love this post!

Ann S. said...

That elf on the shelf is creepy. Not sure I would even allow him to hold an icicle from the tree. Cute pics of Lijah Man! Love his jammies :0)

Ann S. said...

PS Love the George Harrison quote on the right side of your blog!

Kelly said...

If you do the elf on the shelf with Knox, please get a new friendly non-psychotic looking elf...please!!!!!??!!!

Kelly said...

Appropriate Duck Dynasty jammies choice :)

Kay R. said...

But what fun would a non-psychotic elf be?