Friday, December 27, 2013

Day Three Hundred Sixty One 2013

It’s easy when your cup is full of boiled custard and whipped cream.
Grandkids Shelby, Elijah and Knox hanging out at my house today ~ finally went outside this afternoon ~ I told Shelby to jump into the picture, so she did
Beautiful day for a stroll in the neighborhood ~ Knox is loving his new car that his Aunt Holly and Uncle Jerry and cousins Shelby and Elijah gave him for Christmas ~ it’s fun to ride when somebody is willing to push.  Happy TGIF, everyone!


Jane said...

That whipped cream & boiled custard looks good! Ann had some at Christmas, but I forgot about it. :(
Glad the kids enjoyed being outside. Knox has a nice ride. :)

Kelly said...

Whip cream rules. Love the Shelby pose :) Glad Knox got to enjoy some fresh air with his cousins and new ride :D