Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day Eighty Two 2011

The Mega Block dawgs that grandson Elijah and I built this morning.

He had fun destroying the wacky building I made. That's why he's laughing.

The first tulip bloom. I love tulips. We don't have as many blooming in recent springs because the bulbs need to be dug up and separated and replanted. That sounds like work.

The irises bloomed, too! One day they look like that iris on the right, and the next day--poof! I love these--the Tennessee state flower.

Mama Cardinal and other birdies looking for food. The feeders are empty because the squirrels pig out on the seed all day long until there's none left for the winged creatures.

Papa Cardinal probably found more seed to eat on the ground under the feeders than his mate found on the feeders. Getting some rain which we need and storms which nobody needs. Hope you are safe and dry where you are.


Jane said...

Looks like fun with Elijah! Can't believe your tulips are already blooming! The leaves on ours are just now coming out! Very nice pics!

Ann said...

Pretty shots, sis! I can't believe your Iris are already blooming. I guess we need to dig ours up and separate them.

Kelly said...

Elijah is getting so big!
Wow it bloomed fast! I bet you could have sat and watched it as it happeded! Cool!