Monday, June 20, 2011

Day One Hundred Seventy One 2011

Biker Peeps. Grandpeeps Shelby and Elijah brought their bikes over today and enjoyed riding up and down the sidewalk and street. Elijah had a bit of a meltdown this morning because his brand new red bike still has training wheels. He wanted them off. Now. I eventually dug out a wrench and tried to remove them, but I couldn't budge the bolt or nut or whatever it's called. Elijah gave it a shot, too, and when he saw they weren't coming off, he calmed down and enjoyed his bike. Last I heard as they were leaving this afternoon, his dad was going to remove the training wheels, and Elijah was going to learn to ride without them. Hope he wore his helmet.

Bird Peeps. They blend in with the tree trunk, I know. Hope you can see this blackbird or starling (not sure what kind) feeding her peep. She stays busy all day long, bringing them food (sounds like more than one inside there). I'll be surprised if they're still there tomorrow. This hole in the trunk of this maple tree is a popular spot with this bird--if it is the same bird. She comes back year after year it seems. Peeps almost ready to go. No training wheels.


Jane said...

Well I hope Elijah got those training wheels off, and more importantly, that he doesn't regret it! :) I'm sure he'll take off without them! I do see Mama bird feeding her babies. Great pics!

Ann said...

That's funny that Elijah wanted those training wheels off "now!" I hope he doesn't regret it either. It's kind of scary learning to ride a bike. I remember you teaching me, sis :0) Cool shot of mama bird feeding her babies. I believe that's a starling. Too cute that they're nesting in the hole in the tree.

Kelly said...

He really wanted those training wheels off poor guy. Hope he had an easy time learning to stay upright :o) Riding bikes was a fave of mine when we were kids. I loved riding at night when we bought headlights! That was fun!
I love watching momma birds feed their babies :o) Glad I got to see her in action before I left :o)