Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day One Hundred Seventy Two 2011

I got in a little closer today with my long lens while the momma starling was feeding her peep. The little one seems to be the only one in the nest and in no hurry to leave home. With all the rain and stormy weather today, I'm sure that nest feels pretty cozy, especially with home cooked meals served in bed.


Kelly said...

I wonder if it's an only child or if it's just hogging the entrance. Those momma birds work hard don't they! So sweet!!!! Great shots :o)

Jane said...

Great pictures! That bird looks big enough to leave the nest, but I can blame it for staying.

Ann said...

I'm loving these pictures! That bird does look old enough to leave the nest, but why bother when you have your meals brought to you :0) Great shots, sis!!