Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day One Hundred Twelve 2012

Visiting grandson Knox, daughter Kelly and son in law Kerry today. It seems that Knox is a Beatles fan. He was really upset before we left for lunch. His mom turned on The Beatles' Abbey Road album. He calmed down listening to 'Here Comes The Sun' and fell asleep. Kelly said he cried the first time he heard 'Because'. This kid fits right in to our family. Hope he keeps his good taste in music.
Knox is enjoying eating 'real' food these days. On the menu for supper this evening: rice cereal and peas. Yum yum! It must be really good because he makes smacking noises while he's eating. He didn't take any naps today, but now he's finally down, hopefully for the rest of the night for his tired mommy's sake. Sweet dreams, Knox (and Kelly and Kerry)!


Jane said...

So cute! Glad he's a Beatles fan! :) He's getting so big!

Ann said...

Great taste in music, Knox! :0) Sweet boy!!! Could just squeeze him!

Kelly said...

Twas a tiresome day but it ended well with him sleeping 12 hours! Praying he continues this trend. He's fooled us before so fingers crossed :o)
Thanks Ma and Pa for his monkey sandles, doughnuts and lunch! And for holding him all, he's heavy!