Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Two Hundred Three 2012

Granddaughter Shelby celebrated her 11th birthday this afternoon, partying with family and friends. The kids, big and small, enjoyed a huge water slide in the back yard. We all enjoyed that delicious cake. And Shelby really enjoyed the cash gifts inside all those birthday cards. What a totally fun way to turn eleven. As her birthday balloon says, Another Year Of Fabulous! Happy Birthday, Shelby!


Ann S. said...

Sweet pictures! Shelby is growing up way too fast. Had a great time at her party today! Happy Birthday Shelb. Love you!!

Kelly said...

Shelby is the sweetest person I know!!! Love her to pieces!!! Great party!!!
Those balloons were the best! Way to go, Ma!!!

Jane said...

Enjoyed the party - just wish I could've stayed longer & gone down that slide! :) Shelby is a sweetheart! I hope she never changes.