Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twelve 2012

Sometimes doing a 365 blog (a picture a day for a year) can be a real pain when it gets to be late in the day and you suddenly realize you haven’t taken the first picture all day. So it’s supper time (in the South we say supper, not dinner) and hubby Neil and I are sitting at Cheddar’s restaurant, because it sounded better than Subway. I’ve taken a bite or two of the delicious grilled salmon on my plate when I realize I haven’t taken any pictures today. Out comes the cell phone camera and click! Here is my picture for the day. Pretty lame, I guess, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The salmon was awesome, as was the steamed broccoli. And the garlic mashed potatoes. We were in and out within thirty minutes, which must be a record for Cheddar’s. If that was the case all the time, we’d eat there more often.


Jane said...

Yummy looking supper! We had tacos at home. (Boring!) :) Wonder why the service at Cheddar's was quicker than normal tonight? You were lucky!

Ann S. said...

I love the bourbon glazed salmon at Cheddar's! Yum! We ate there after church yesterday with the Sissoms.

Kelly said...

We're always out pretty quickly...of course we go at 2 in the afternoon when nobody's there. Salmon is my menu fave :-)