Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Two Hundred Thirty Three 2012

I’m so excited (and apparently it doesn’t take much to excite me). The pumpkin vine growing wild just off my deck in the back yard has been blooming for weeks, and now it has produced one little pumpkin. I toss out withered pumpkins in this spot every year, and sometimes the seeds sprout and grow, but rarely do they produce any fruit. So I’m excited and hopeful that it will grow up before the birds or bugs discover it. Maybe I’ll have a homegrown jack o’ lantern this Halloween.


Ann S. said...

That is so cool! Here's hoping your baby pumpkin grows up to be a big Halloween pumpkin :0)

Jane said...

Cute little pumpkin! The curly vine is neat!

Kelly said...

Wow!!! Wonder if it'll be orange or white :-D