Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Two Hundred Thirty Two 2012

Grandson Knox got up close and personal this afternoon with some animals he’s seen only in pictures. We took him to the petting zoo our church was having for vacation Bible school. He was so excited to see the llama, goats, a calf, a cow, a baby buffalo, and a couple of donkeys.  One of the donkeys starred in the VBS play for the children which brought to life the story of Balak, Balaam, and the talking donkey from the old testament book of Numbers, chapter 22, which was our lesson for this evening. Talking donkey, you say? (Luke 1:37 says ‘Nothing is impossible with God.’) Check it out. Knox will learn that story one day. But in the meantime, these donkeys said ‘Hee Haw!’ And Knox knows that the cow says ‘Moo!’


Jane said...

I loved watching Knox see those animals! To me, that is one of the best things about having kids - watching them experience things like that for the 1st time. He was so excited!

Kelly said...

Ditto!!! He had a blast! :-D

Ann S. said...

I love the look on his little face! So sweet! Glad he got to see all the animals :0)