Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twenty Seven 2012

I snapped this quick pic with my cell phone camera of The Dark Knight Rises movie poster before hubby Neil and I headed into the theater to see the latest Batman movie this afternoon. It is two hours and 44 minutes of a somewhat complicated but interesting  plot line with lots of explosions and death and destruction that pretty much wraps up this particular Batman trilogy. I did not like the bad guy Bane character who was very difficult for me to understand most of the time as he spoke through a mask that covered his mouth (the voice reminded me of Darth Vader), but overall I liked the movie, a must-see for those who saw the first two movies. I thought Anne Hathaway made a most excellent Cat Woman.  And out of all the guys who have played Batman, Christian Bale is my favorite. I’ve heard that he’s said this is his last Batman movie, which is a shame, because I’m pretty sure the door is open for more caped crusader stories.


Ann S. said...

Guess we'll wait and see it when it comes out on pay per view. Glad you guys enjoyed the movie :0)

Jane said...

Cool poster of the Dark Knight. We'll probably have to rent this one. We don't get out much. :)

Kelly said...

Wish we had the energy to go see it...would rather sleep :-)
Hope it comes out on dvd quickly! Can't wait to see it. Wish Bale would be Batman forever! He rocks!