Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day Two Hundred Seventy Eight 2012

Grandpeeps Shelby and Elijah are on fall break from school this week and next. They spent the night with us last night. We slept late, enjoyed Grandpa’s homemade blueberry waffles for breakfast, and then for lunch we landed at our favorite Thai food deli, Ocha. Shelby got cold and pulled up her hoodie. Not to be outdone, Elijah followed suit.
Then it was off to feed and water kitty cats (whose humans are vacationing in Florida this week). Only four showed up, but we saw others trying to hide in the bushes. This one wanted to play.
Next we stopped at  a local family owned produce store to size up the pumpkin selection.
They always have a great selection of pumpkins and gourds. I like the gnarly ones.
Elijah chose this long tall pumpkin.
Shelby said this was the perfect pumpkin for her.
We also picked out some white (ghost) pumpkins. Love those. My orange pumpkin is the one on the far right. It has the thickest stem I’ve ever seen.
Onward to Dogwood Park. The day was sunny and hot—a good day to play dodge with unpredictable water spouts.
I never get tired of this beautiful fountain.
The park is the perfect spot to throw the Frisbee.1004021519
Beautiful October day
Shelby said the cool water felt good on her legs.
When Shelby and Elijah went bow hunting with their dad yesterday morning, Shelby didn’t wear pants, and the bugs just about ate her alive, leaving itchy swollen welts on her legs. She counted forty bites. Not fun. (Shelby called this evening after I posted this to let us know that she does not have bug bites all over her legs but poison ivy!)
The afternoon wound down at Mae Pearl’s Frozen Yogurt where the grandpeeps managed to chill out before packing up and heading home. Good times, great memories! Love you guys!


Jane said...

What a fun day!! That's what Fall Break is all about! Thanks for the cute pic of the kids with "Phillip" - he's the only yellow & white cat that would come play. :) Poor Shelby with that poison ivy all over!! Hope she gets some relief! Thanks for helping feed the cats!

Ann S. said...

Looks like a fun filled day! Hope Shelb's poison ivy clears up soon. Glad Phillip came out to play :0)

Kelly said...

Wow!! Fun stuff!! Glad it was a good time!!