Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day Fifteen 2013

I got this in my Christmas stocking~~a dark chocolate orange. I finally broke into it today and wondered why/how could I have let it sit there for three weeks?? Two slices~~that’s all I could eat. Very rich.
Got these in my Christmas stocking, too. Santa knows what I like, even though I tell him every year not to bring me stuff like this because I’ll eat it. Pistachios are supposed to be good for you/me. [Like dark chocolate.]
We recently got a big old bag of naval oranges at Sam’s. They are so huge I can hardly get my hand around one. They are sweet and juicy. These are mine. Neil’s are in the fridge. He likes cold fruit. I don’t. Plus he eats more fruit than I do. I’m too busy eating dark chocolate oranges and pistachios.
“Oh that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!” ~Psalm 55:6   I like this Bible verse. We recently refilled our bird feeders for the winter, and the doves have been all over them, which is odd. These birds are usually pecking around on the ground under the feeders. Maybe they don’t like having cold wet feet.
Today was the 100th day of school this year. Grandson Elijah has been talking about this day for weeks. His class celebrated by making these cool crowns and bringing 100 of something to class to show and tell. He brought a hundred Legos. Others brought things like cereal and gummies. It was a fun day for him, especially after going in two hours late because of potential icy road conditions this morning.
He played with those Legos most of the time he and Shelby were here this afternoon, building stuff, instead of playing video games on his 3DS. By the time he started with the video games, mom came to pick them up. Aw, Mom!
I leave you with a little visual warmth on this cold wet winter evening. We are toasty. Hope you are warm and safe and dry. (Or maybe cool and safe and dry if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere Smile)


Jane said...

I love the randomness of your Monday post! :) That dark chocolate orange looks yummy! As do the pistachios. I always think of Aunt Kat when I see pistachios. Ah, the 100th day of school. That means there are 80 days left. Wheee!! Elijah looks so cute with his Legos!

Kelly said...

School is much more fun than back when I was a schooler. We never did cool stuff. Glad today's teachers are more creative. That chocolate orange looks tasty! Thanks for the warm fire! My toes feel warmer just looking at it :)

Ann S. said...

What Jane and Kelly said! :)