Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day Thirty 2013

This was the extent of damage at my house from the storms that raced through Middle Tennessee early this morning. They say the tornado sirens went off, but I never heard them. This limb landed right under the kitchen window. Glad it didn’t fly through the window.
Sunset. I think the sun is under all that gray somewhere. Winter returning. Maybe some snow? Maybe?
I took this snapshot yesterday of beautiful buttercups blooming in the backyard. All of our buttercups have buds. Hope they can survive the freeze that’s coming. Makes me sad when they bloom too soon.
He’s thinking, Will it ever snow?


Jane said...

Gray day. So glad the storms weren't as bad here as elsewhere (and that the limb didn't come through your window!) Pick those daffodils before the cold gets them! Love the frog pic - I'm sure that's exactly what he's thinking! :)

Ann S. said...

You need to pick those blooms and take them inside. I slept through the storm as well. Terry got up when our weather radio went off and stayed up until they went through. He said they went through very quickly with lots of wind. I'm glad we were fortunate. Love these pictures and agree with that last picture...will it ever snow? I'm beginning to wonder.