Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day One Hundred Seventy Three 2013

Neil and I always seem to be standing in an ugly parking lot when there’s a beautiful rainbow in the sky. There have been many rainbows in our sky lately. Makes you want to stop and stare. Earlier this afternoon, we sat on our front porch and enjoyed cool breezes an area storm was stirring up and the rumble of thunder which is one of my favorite sounds. Hope there was something special about your Saturday, too.


Jane said...

I missed that rainbow. Glad you got a pic of it. Loverly! We certainly have had a lot of rainbows lately. I love it! :)

Kelly said...

Didn't have storms here. Enjoyed a quick look at the super moon! Wow!!

Ann S. said...

Very pretty! Had a rainbow at the lake yesterday. We were out on a pontoon boat and of course I didn't bring my camera.