Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day One Hundred Sixty Seven 2013

"A righteous man
who walks in his integrity -
How blessed are his sons [and daughters] 
after him."
(Proverbs 20:7, NASB)

me and dad
My dad, Flynn Mabry, and me when I was two or maybe three years old. He was always so quiet and only spoke when he had something he needed to say, was often described as having the patience of Job, and he loved and provided for his family in a quiet and humble way. But most important of all, he was a Christian man who did his best to live a Christ-like life. This is what I will always remember about him. Wish you were still here, Pop, so I could tell you I love you and wish you a Happy Father’s Day. God bless all the good fathers out there. Hope you enjoyed a very happy Father's Day.


Jane said...

What a sweet picture! Don't think I've ever seen this one. Lovely tribute to Dad.

Ann S. said...

Love this picture of you and dad! The tribute to him is spot on and that's what I will always remember about him.

Kelly said...

Cute pic!!