Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Two Hundred Five 2013

Today was the last day of summer break for granddaughter Shelby and grandson Elijah [and the rest of the students and teachers in this county]. Last day of freedom for a while. I treated them to a D.Q. ice cream cone, either to celebrate their last day in the sun or to mourn the beginning of classes. Nobody needs a reason to enjoy a frozen summertime treat. Summer break is simply way too short here in our neck of the woods. Maybe somebody will do something about that one of these days.


Jane said...

No reason needed for a DQ cone, but enjoying the last day of summer is a good one! I've heard rumors that next year we'll only get one week of fall break & one week of spring break. Just a rumor at this point. Stay tuned! ;)

Kelly said...

Back to school blues. Ice cream does make it better :)

Ann S. said...

DQ cones make everything better :0) Someone needs to do something about those short summer breaks! It just ain't right!