Friday, September 6, 2013

Day Two Hundred Forty Nine 2013

Today marked the 25th year for the Cougar Run ~ grandson Elijah’s school’s only fundraiser for the year.
Elijah’s second grade class is all lined up and ready to run! [Elijah is fifth one sitting down from the right]
This Cougar is ready to run!
The school mascot and the school principal join in on the first lap.
They ease into it, walking the first lap or two.
But you gain more laps if you run. The kids are urged to pace themselves. They run to the beat of all sorts of rock and roll music.
Elijah’s mom, Holly, who also attended this school back in the day, wore her vintage Capshaw Cougars T shirt and ran/walked some laps with Elijah.
Elijah stops long enough to get his lap mark. [I wonder how many kids run right past and forget to get their mark…]
Grandson Knox, hopefully a future Capshaw Kid/Cougar, got in on the action with his aunt Holly.
Elijah picked up the pace during the last song.
Knox was a bit confused by it all and probably wondering why all these people kept running in circles.
Mom and son walking the last lap together
Running out of steam ~ time to quit
17 laps for Elijah! Not too shabby [especially when Granny and Grandpa pledged two dollars a lap].
Stick a fork in me; I am done. Good job, Elijah! I’m very proud of you!
Back where they started ~ only this time hot and tired and happy to have that cup of cold water. Good job, all you Cougars who ran so hard today! They were rewarded with a hamburger/hotdog picnic and could play the rest of the day or leave if their parents gave the OK. Needless to say, Elijah opted to hang out at Granny’s house. Good choice.
Happy TGIF, everyone!


Jane said...

Looks like a fun day & Elijah gave it his all! I wish he'd hit me up for a donation when he runs - would be glad to give him some $. Cute pics of Knox! How many laps did Holly do? :)

Kay R. said...

Holly must have done five or six laps. I should have counted :)

Ann S. said...

Congrats Holly and Lijah man! They done good :0)

Kelly said...

Great experience!! Glad to be there!! Go Eeeee!!!