Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day Three Hundred Fifty Five 2013

Yes, Christmas is almost here, and yes, it would be nice to have one of everything [and we all know that ain’t gonna happen, right?]. That’s not why I took a snapshot of my computer desktop screen. See that? 66 degrees? First day of winter? Maybe it’s just me, but this time of year, I’d rather it be cold and sunny than hot and rainy. It’s also the  shortest day of the year, for all you daylight savings time people out there. We’ll be inching toward longer daylight each day, one minute at a time.
Wishing my bro-in-law, Terry, a big Happy Birthday today!


Jane said...

Not very Christmasy weather is it?

Kelly said...

I kinda liked the warmer weather. Funny that it fell on the first day of winter. Al Gore must have hit the global warming button. I kinda want two of everything :)

Ann S. said...

This weather has been insane. It's not very Christmasy, but I love it! Thanks for the shout out to the T man :0)