Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day Three Hundred Fifty Nine 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS                    
from The Mabry Clan!
Mabry Christmas 2013
Sister Ann and brother in law Terry hosted our annual Mabry Family get together tonight. We enjoyed yummy food and had a great time playing Dirty Santa [although settling on the rules of the game maybe took longer than playing the game itself]. Those who could attend this year from left: brother in law Don, sister Jane, brother in law Terry, nephew Ian, nephew Chris, niece Evan, nephew in law Shaun, niece Sarah, son in law Kerry, grandson Knox, niece Julia, daughter Kelly, sister Ann and front row brother Ken, moi, and hubby Neil and streaming live on Face Time on the iPad granddaughter Shelby, grandson Elijah and daughter Holly. Thanks, Ann and Terry, for hosting our good time. Love my awesome family. So blessed to be able to be together again on Christmas day.  Merry Christmas!


Jane said...

It was a great evening! Fun times always go by too fast. Thanks for Ann & Terry hosting. Great job as always. Love you all!

Kelly said...

Had a wonderful time!!! Thanks for hosting A & T!!!

Ann S. said...

Glad everyone had a good time! Love you all and God willing we will do it again next year.