Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Seventy 2011

Gunfight At Granny And Grandpa's

Neil bought a three pack of little guns for five bucks that shoot spongy missiles. He had the day off today, so he and grandson Elijah chased each other all over the house, shooting at each other. It was all out war and they both won because they both had such a great time playing with each other. Hope your TGIF was fun!


Ann said...

Glad Neil had the day off and he and Elijah had so much fun :0) Cute pics!

Jane said...

How cute!! It looks like fun. Can't believe Neil could keep up with him! :)

Kelly said...

FUN!!! Kerry bought a nerf gun that shoots about 15 in one trigger pull! Can't wait to have 'war' with these guys! Fun times!!!