Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Two Hundred One 2012

Ice cream is happiness condensed.   ~Jessi Lane Adams
I did not scream for ice cream at the D.Q. after lunch today. I was trying to be good, to resist the temptation. But my hubby is a bad influence when it comes to D.Q. treats. And besides, the grandkids were having ice cream cones, too, so who am I to say no to another pound of fat around my waist?


Ann said...

Go for the gusto or the ice cream I say :0) That is one beautiful cone! The only ice cream better than DQ is Neil's homemade ice cream!

Kelly said...

Yummy!! I like chocolate dipped!!

Jane said...

Look at the perfect curl on that cone! I say "go for it"! Never pass up a DQ treat.