Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight 2012

Stopping by the woods on a pleasant Wednesday morning, I really wanted to sit down on this nice bench because my shin muscles were screaming at me to stop walking. Today is my third day in a row going for a brisk walk for at least 20 minutes at least twice a day. And of course I have overdone it, but I’m determined to keep this up for my own good. My leg muscles keep begging to differ, but I refuse to listen. It’s a good thing I didn’t sit down. I never would have made it back to the house.


Ann S. said...

What a peaceful looking place! So proud that you're walking twice a day! Good for you.

Jane said...

That would really be tempting to stop by the woods on a nice summer day to rest! Keep on walking! (You might should warm up a little first!) :)

Kelly said...

It'll so nice this Fall! You may have to resist the urge to take pictures though ;-)