Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twenty Six 2012

Since I quit my exercise class nearly two years ago, I’ve become a sedentary slug. The scales in my bathroom remind me of this fact every morning. So, in spite of a very sore left knee and my pair of worn-out tennis shoes which offer my old feet no support whatsoever any more, I am determined to walk for at least twenty minutes at least twice a day. I have a wonderful neighborhood to walk around in with a nice network of sidewalks. I’d never been on this sidewalk before (I’m always on the other side of the street I guess). I had to stop and take a picture, even though it doesn’t do justice to the scattered leaf imprints in the concrete. It was such a neat thing to see all up and down this sidewalk.
This chain link fence was all decorated with beautiful  blooming Morning Glory vines. Again, this cell camera pic just doesn’t do it justice. A little eye candy on a morning walk.
Along the sidewalk beside the elementary school in my neighborhood sat this nice big yellow apple (a Golden Delicious?) that might have rolled out of some kid’s backpack this morning on the way into the school. Apple for the teacher. Or somebody’s snack. Who knows. I left it sitting there. And yes I did actually walk briskly for 23 minutes in spite of the photo ops. I have the achy shin muscles and sore feet to prove it. Hubby Neil and I even went back out this evening after supper and walked (briskly) for 25 minutes (no sidewalks, lots of hills). I plan to do this every day. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Jane said...

I actually went to exercise today! I've been twice in the past 2 months. :) Anyway, glad you're walking. That's what I enjoy doing most of all for exercise. Keep it up!
Can't believe the Morning Glories are already out! Haven't seen mine blooming yet.

Ann S. said...

Way to go, sis! Keep up the good work with the walking. Me and T have gotten back into it. We're trying to work back up to that 2 miles we were walking before my knee surgery and his toe surgery. That's sad that someone lost their pretty apple!

Kelly said...

Glad you're up and at it! You'll get addicted to it! Buy some new shoes...maybe the toe shoes! Heard they're great for walking:-)