Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day Three Hundred Fifty One 2012

My daughter Holly celebrated her 34th birthday today. Here she was at the age of one, sitting on her Grandpa Ranft’s lap. They were pretty good buddies, and I know she’ll appreciate this picture because we were just remembering him today and how he always unclipped his clip on tie and hung it from the front of his shirt when he was done with it.
Happy birthday, dear daughter Holly! So hard to believe our Christmas baby is 34 years old. We wish you all the best of everything today and always. We love you more than you will ever know.


Jane said...

Such a sweet picture! What a little squab! Neil's dad was a good guy. I enjoyed the times as a kid when I was around him. Happy birthday, Holly!

Ann S. said...

I love that picture of Neil's dad and Holly! I have a lot of great memories of him, especially when we would stay with you guys in Huntsville. Hard to believe the little "squab" is 34 with kids of her own. We enjoyed the party today and were so glad we could be there! Love ya' Holly!

Kelly said...

Fun day!! Happy birthday, Holly!!