Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine 2013

On a beautiful day like today, it would have been a crime not to spend at least a few minutes of it outside, so Neil and I headed to Dogwood Park to eat some lunch and bask in the sunshine.
It was one of those days that brings out the smiley face in everyone and everything.
There were dozens of people in the park, especially around the fountain, even though you can’t tell it from this picture. What a blessing to have such a beautiful place to just be in this town.
Grandson Elijah told me on the way home from school this afternoon that three girls told him he was the cutest boy in the class. He was very pleased with that information. Can’t say that I blame him.
We watched Elijah play T Ball this evening. Enjoyed the perfect weather and the honeysuckle-scented breeze that was blowing. We also enjoyed watching his team win, 24~6. Elijah hit a home run when the bases were loaded. He and his team played well.
After the game, Neil and I treated ourselves to a DQ milk shake and a Moolatte and decided we’d enjoy them even more while sitting in Dogwood Park and watching the fountain change colors. And we were right. Hope you had a happy Thursday.


Ann S. said...

What a great day you two had! Dogwood Park is one of the nicest parks I've seen. Glad you had a gorgeous day to enjoy and congrats on Elijah's team winning. Those girl's in Elijah's class are right, he is a cutie :) But we already knew that!

Jane said...

Fun day! Sharon & I even took advantage of some rare free time & headed outside for a short walk around the school. That's funny about the girls in Elijah's class. :) Cute! Looking forward to school being out & maybe getting to enjoy some DQ in the park!

Kelly said...

It was a gorgeous day!! Glad you spent it outside :)