Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day Two Hundred Forty 2013

Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.   ~Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Neil and I had lunch in the rose garden today. No, not that rose garden but a local rose garden. This is the view from inside the gazebo at Dogwood Park. It is surrounded on three sides by all different kinds of rose bushes and the scent in the air is delicious. The bright sunlight almost washed out all the pretty colors, but you get the idea. Apparently, a local rose society plants and maintains the garden for all to appreciate. It’s a pleasant way to spend some time with my hubs on his lunch break.


Jane said...

That is a beautiful place. Cookeville is fortunate to have Dogwood Park. The roses are showing out this year!

Ann S. said...

I love that spot! Love all the roses! Maybe we can meet for lunch there next week?

Kay R. said...

Lunch in the gazebo is nice, but truth be told I prefer a table. It's easier. Neil and I usually sit at the picnic table that's just a few feet away from the gazebo if no one else is sitting there already. If that table is empty, we grab it. It's in the shade and away from everything else. Next time we get together for lunch, we can check out what's available and go from there. It's all good :)

Ann S. said...

Sounds like a plan :0)