Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Two Hundred Twenty Three 2013

Hubby Neil spent his afternoon building a frame for grandson Knox’s swing. He was forced to work off the back of his truck because what was formerly his woodshop became his RC airplane hangar many years ago. I miss his wood crafting days and hope that one day he’ll reclaim that space. In the meantime, the swing frame is slowly coming together and hopefully will be transported to Knox’s house in the very near future.


Jane said...

Get 'er done, Neil! Hope the rain holds off! Maybe he ought to be building another workshop! :)

Kelly said...

Maybe this will renew his love for woodworking :). Can't wait to see Knox's face when he sees he has his very own swing build by Paaa :)

Ann S. said...

Way to go, Neil! I know Knox is going to love his swing :0)