Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Two Hundred Forty Seven 2013

Wacky Wednesday
Today was Wacky Day at school. Grandson Elijah was decked out in a knit cap he wore when he was a baby, his Angry Bird T shirt which he wore backwards, a cape which was also worn backwards, a pair of skull and crossbones PJ bottoms, a necktie, a bow tie, a glow in the dark necklace, two different shoes and one short sock and one long sock. And a pair of huge horn rimmed frames. Now that is wacky. And yet he did not win the wacky day contest for wackiest outfit. Go figure.
Grandson Knox got in on Wacky Day mania [forced to wear Elijah’s glasses simply for the photo op ~ but he obliged].
For Wacky Day, Granddaughter Shelby chose her paint splattered fedora, green and gray striped top, and pink and brown floral jeans. Wacky and tacky and a whole lot of fun that breaks up the boredom of a day at school.


Jane said...

Elijah should have won for that wacky outfit! :) Shelby looks cute in her wacky outfit, as does Knox in his huge glasses! :) Glad to see there is a little fun that hasn't been sucked out of school yet!

Kelly said...


Ann S. said...

Love it!!!