Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day Two Hundred Sixty Nine 2013

A Day At The Beach
One picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so I’ll let these speak for the day we enjoyed today. Good times in paradise. [I saw some dolphin fins this afternoon ~ I was hoping the dolphins would jump up out of the water and do some tricks ~ maybe next time ~ now I can say I’ve seen dolphins in the ocean]


Ann S. said...

Great shots one and all! I see the red flag was out today. That's not good! Knox is too cute in his beach duds. I bet he had a blast. Those sunset shots are gorgeous. Looks like you guys had a great first day on the beach. Are the Myers there yet?

Ann S. said...

PS Glad you got to see Dolphins even if it was their fins :0)

Jane said...

Dolphins, yeah!! Fall is the best time to be at the beach, in my opinion. Knox looks like little Panama Jack! :) Great pics! Y'all got some good waves.

Kelly said...

Oh wow!! Awesome pictures!! Had a blast. I know Knox did. Second day in a row he's fallen asleep on the couch. We might need to move here ;). Those sunset shots are fab!!